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Eron Epstein, bankruptcy lawyer in Chattanooga, has helped thousands exercise their right to file for bankruptcy. For more than 30 years Eron Epstein has been assisting clients with caring, knowledgeable services to free them from their debt, creditor calls, and financial trouble.


Often, people leave financial problems unresolved or hesitate to take action, which causes enormous stress. The fear of foreclosure, losing your home, car or basic essentials can be devastating.


It’s important to understand the Federal bankruptcy laws that are in place for Chattanooga residents just like you, who are dealing with financial difficulty, often related to a series of events, such as job loss, medical bills, divorce, disability or a significant income reduction.


You need a knowledgeable Bankruptcy lawyer in Chattanooga to help you understand the law and navigate the process.
Attorney Eron Epstein serves the needs of good people in Southeast Tennessee, including Chattanooga, Cleveland, Northwest Georgia including Walker, Catoosa and Dade Counties.


Whether you will need a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney or are unsure, Eron Epstein has the experience and legal expertise to handle your case.


When you place that free call to Eron Epstein, he will fully explain the differences and help you determine which course is best in your individual circumstances.


We want you to know that you are not alone. Eron Epstein as your bankruptcy attorney and our entire staff will be there to encourage you, offer professional advice and to alleviate the stress you are carrying…and give you back control.


Call today for a friendly and discrete free consultation with attorney Eron Epstein himself, to resolve your financial situation and stop harassing phone calls from creditors and debt collectors.


After you have made the decision to file a bankruptcy petition, we can help you stop the harassing phone calls fast. Upon filing, the court will issue an automatic stay, which prevents further collection action.


You will get a break from creditor phone calls, while we help you examine your options and prepare a plan that will set you free from your financial stress and worry.

Don’t hesitate to start on the path to freedom, call now!


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